Soundsmith Services Can Help

You made your recording for a purpose.
But, maybe, it didn't turn out quite good enough for that purpose.
As a Sound Engineer, I can help.

Toward a more-perfect recording

Modern technology has made it possible to manipulate sound recordings in ways that were not possible just a few years ago. It used to be that the best you could hope for was a skilled tape splicer with a demagnetized razor blade. But now, listeners expect to hear better than simple cut-and-paste to remove gaps, stammers and word-whiskers.

The environment may not be ideal. A good Sound Editor can remove or dramatically reduce hum, background room noise, room echo and even incidental noises such as a ringing phone or cough. Some of these services can be performed quickly across an entire recording, while others will require case-by-case editing.

Your speaking talent may bump the microphone, introduce 'plosives, sibilances, breath noises or mouth clicks and pops. These can all distract from the performance... and from the message you are trying to get across. Processors can even adjust a voice to sound like it had different larynx and nasal proportions.

The overall performance may also need to be adjusted to repair minor over-driving (clipping) and to adjust timing, tone, leveling and compliance to broadcast loudness standards or audiobook distribution specifications.

Your basic recording can even be enhanced to fill empty spots with matching ambiance, or conform to a common equalization profile. You may need to have intro and outro segments added.

In my career as a technical engineering specialist, I learned that my job was to make my supervisor look good. I bring that same attitude to my work for you. Job One is making YOU look good.

The bottom line is:

  • I offer boutique custom audio editing and enhancement.

  • I'm set-up for processing more than recording. Although I can put you in front of a premier professional microphone, I only have space for one person in my noise-isolated booth

  • I'm a one-man shop. Therefore, I'm at liberty to work a difficult problem for as long as my interest holds out. At the other end of the spectrum, I will be reluctant to take on long-term, high-volume commodity services.

  • I want your business... and your repeat business. Let's discuss your project.

Thank you for your consideration and your business,

David Satterlee