Offer New Services to Existing Clients

Upmarketing extends relationships you already have by offering additional services to existing clents. You already know and trust each other so that negotiating resistance is dramatically reduced. Research shows that a “relationship of trust” is the most important key to proposing and receiving new work opportunities.

I have been doing (and realy enjoying) some specialty transcribing for a favorite organization that promotes the work of one of the world's great philosophical theorists. I say “specialty” because it involves untangling:

  • highly technical philisophical terms and names from Western, Tibetan, Sanscrit, and other languages and traditions,

  • difficult audio recorded from only one end of phone conversations,

  • pairs of genius-level thinkers who tend to speak in fractured sentences and talk over each other.

  • Well, you get the idea. But, don’t get me wrong; I truly consider it an honor and privilege.

In reciprocal appreciation, they offered to enroll me in several of their new courses. But, the opening words of the opening module caught my attention. I said to myself, "Self, you can make this sound better. Why don't you just have a go at it?" And so I did.

I prepared the following brief sample and offered to discuss their using my audio engineering services as well as transcribing. I would really enjoy doing more work with some of the finest people I know on some of the most important topics I have ever encountered.

Note to self: People who already know you in one context may have a hard time imagining you in an other. Be patient.

Do YOU have spoken-word recorded content that would be more valuable except that it’s not yet quite ready for prime time? I’d like to bid on that gig. Please contact me.


This picture simply shows a short phrase being repeated before and after processing. The low end of the spectrogram shows less low-end room "boominess" in the right side.

Also, look closely at the trailing edge of the peaks. On the right side, there is a more-obvious fall-off as you hear less of the original reverbrant sound lingering in the recording space.

It's fun to watch the processing finish and all the waveforms grow different shoulders as the display refreshes.

I also enjoy working in the iZotope RX editor to remove pauses in the X-axis (time) and unwanted sounds in the Y-axis (amplitude). The workflow is efficient:

  • After selecting a horizontal area, pressing [Delete] simply closes-up the remaining content at zero crossing points.

  • If [Instant Process] is turned on, a new selection is automatically rendered with the desired function (such as replacing an unwanted noise with a signal based on a sample of background room noise).


In both cases it's like it never even happened. I feel like Luke Skywalker shooting womp rats.

Gosh, life is good when you love your work!