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"Speaker for Your Brand"

David Satterlee Voiceover
Inform ~ Educate ~ Persuade ~ Motivate ~ Entertain
A no-hassle dude you can work with. Upbeat, high-energy promo? You got it. A voice that can be sincere, trustworthy, honest, conversational, warm compassionate, caring, mature, friendly and engaging? It's yours.

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The Orange Juice Symphony Gets a Tune-up

My neighbor brought me a favorite CD — hoping that I could make it sound better. It turned out to be an old symphony performance that had been transferred, in some unknowable past, from a 78 rpm vinyl record. The loud parts were distorted by clipping. Ahh, here was a challenge.

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Soundsmith Services Can Help

Modern technology has made it possible to manipulate sound recordings in ways that were not possible just a few years ago. But now, listeners expect to hear better than simple cut-and-paste to remove gaps, stammers and word-whiskers.

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Audio Post-production Craftsman's Toolbox

It’s a poor recordist who persistently offers that, “they’ll fix it in post.” Nonetheless, a talented post-production engineer with a strong tool kit can “do magic on demand and miracles by grace.” Here are some of the advanced tools in my kit.

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