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David Satterlee Voiceover
Inform ~ Educate ~ Persuade ~ Motivate ~ Entertain
A no-hassle dude you can work with. Upbeat, high-energy promo? You got it. A voice that can be sincere, trustworthy, honest, conversational, warm compassionate, caring, mature, friendly and engaging? It's yours.

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The Islamic Focus on Virtues and Vices

“Jihad” is an Arabic word that literally means “effort” or “struggle.” In use, jihad is applied primarily to a personal struggle to live in virtuous faith and a fight against Satan (the “greater jihads) with struggles against an open enemy considered “the lesser jihad.” Compare Romans 7:23.

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George Mombiot on the Future's New Story of Altruism

George Monbiot makes the case for a new unifying story of altruistic communities of interest taking responsibility for shared resources rather than allowing private interests to profit exclusively from their exploitation.

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Evan Rob on Overcoming Fear of the Unknown

In this TEDx video, Evan Rob, middle school principal, talks about the kind of courage and boldness that can propel one to success. Evan applies this message to life and his efforts to create effective and satisfying learning communities in his schools.

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David Speaks at Border Immigration Rally

I recently attended (and took the opportunity to speak at) a “Lights for Liberty” rally adjacent to the U.S. Border Patrol processing station between Naco and Bisbee, Arizona. I feel strongly that all people deserve to be treated with the same dignity, respect, and consideration as our other neighbors.

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Soundsmith Services
The Orange Juice Symphony Gets a Tune-up

My neighbor brought me a favorite CD — hoping that I could make it sound better. It turned out to be an old symphony performance that had been transferred, in some unknowable past, from a 78 rpm vinyl record. The loud parts were distorted by clipping. Ahh, here was a challenge.

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Soundsmith Services Can Help

Modern technology has made it possible to manipulate sound recordings in ways that were not possible just a few years ago. But now, listeners expect to hear better than simple cut-and-paste to remove gaps, stammers and word-whiskers.

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Audio Post-production Craftsman's Toolbox

It’s a poor recordist who persistently offers that, “they’ll fix it in post.” Nonetheless, a talented post-production engineer with a strong tool kit can “do magic on demand and miracles by grace.” Here are some of the advanced tools in my kit.

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And Justice for All

For many years after World War II, we told ourselves that accelerating productivity from the rapid spread of communications and other technology would “shrink the world and bring us together,” while raising billions out of poverty and making violent conflict unnecessary and unconscionable.

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Picture Book: A Migrant Story

A Migrant Story gives a sympathetic inside-the-family telling of life on the road and in the fields; of holding family all the dearer while still wanting to fit in at every new place. TIMELY and IMPORTANT. Written by my wife, Dianna Satterlee

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David Satterlee
Book: Building Your Network Business: Proven Ideas from Successful Leaders

This well-researched guide is for everyone who wants to consider, start, operate or grow their network marketing business. It provides 104 brief discussions organized into topical sections. David just plain gets it.

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