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Soundsmith Services

Soundsmith Services offers a range of services from audiobook and podcast editing to sound enhancement and recovery. What kind of noise removal, audio recovery or sound enhancement can I perform for you?


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Why do people think and act the way they do? How do we develop (as individuals, communities and societies) through predictable stages capable of managing increasing abstraction and complexity?

Climate Change

Climate change changes everything. It calls for a united response from individuals, families, communities, businesses, non-profits, cities, states, nations… everyone. It is emerging but very, very real. Climates change is a shared crisis that challenges us to reorganize our thinking, systems and societies from competing for “our” private gain to collaborating globally for our common survival.

David Satterlee (Non-fiction)

David Satterlee is one of those untamed souls who constantly seeks to know and understand. He maintains that, "a man knows himself by the books he keeps."

Read, Think, Write, Repeat.

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Common Destiny

Once we figured out how to communicate with, travel to, and plunder every part of our world, it began to dawn on us that this earth is a limited resource and we all have the responsibility to colaborate to care for the needs of our environment and our neighbors. The alternative to common prosperity is common disaster.

Soliciting interviews for podcast
Looking for English language speakers able to tell their stories about working [to inspire, lead, create, teach, etc.] in areas that serve the good of unknown others.
Contact David Satterlee (see bottom of page) to suggest proposal. Agents welcome, but some access to interviewee will be needed for effective coordianation.

A Nation of Heroes

We call the self-sacrificing commitment to duty and honor in our warriors and public servants “Heroism.” Let us call every citizen and organization to honor their duty of responsibility toward each other. A "Nation of Heroes” is willing to make sacrifices in pursuit of mutual wellbeing.

Noteworthy Ideas

Smart and creative people are constantly having, sharing, and developing good ideas. Let’s make a habit of passing them on… to inform and inspire.

Values, Vision, and Virtues

Attention to our past teaches us what is truly valuable. The values we hold produce a vision of better possible futures. Our vision motivates us to commit virtuous acts. When we act as effective democratic communities, our collective virtue is expressed in our creation of and commitment to common policies and laws.

Energy Generation, Storage, Distribution

Plentiful, reliable, and sustainable energy is key to creating viable futures. We are in the process of revolutionizing every element of our energy systems from production to end-use.

David Satterlee (Fiction)

“[David’s writing is] humorous, bold and adventurous all at once… channeled through a facility for language and the music of words.”

“There’s a pony in there somewhere.”

Chum for Thought
(Column from The Dayton Review)

A liberal author in a conservative town offers his neighbors weekly bait for thought (or even conversation).

Make America Democratic Again

Voters should choose their representatives rather than special interests choosing their voters. Citizens should feel responsible for ensuring good government that protects and serves at all levels.

Village Idiot

It can be dangerous to ignore the wisdom of children, fools, and outliers. “All my friends say…” does not make it so. And, by the way, correlation is not causation.

Materials Science

We tend to think primarily about the materials that we can pick up and throw: wood, bricks, pieces of metal. But, advanced properties of newly-discovered or engineereed materials are making amazing improvements possible for everything we ever had or did. And… our future depends on it.

Emerging Values

Our values produce our actions, for better or worse. As we make choices that affect our shared future, we create hoarded wealth and tragic poverty or we deliberately create the conditions for access to secure, productive, and satsfying lives. Our emerging values can produce either permanent warfare or enduring peace.

Urban Futures

Widely-dispersed small communities work for foragers, aggrarians, and tribes. Dense, urban communities provide the easier connections needed for increasingly-complex social organizations. We can make our cities even more productive and satisfying places to live.

Bumper Stickers and Snickers

Quick quips with sharp tips. Little lessons to confound complacency. Find an “I wish I’d said that” and share it.


“Under Construction” messages never inspire confidence.

Yet, somehow, here I am. Its time to put all my stuff into a common, more easily-curated repository.

Trust me, there’s a whole lot of content waiting in the wings and even more in my aspirations.

Well, back to work.

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